The Difference Maker

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

I’d never heard of them before but their website was impressive. So was their pricing. Who are these guys?

I called in with a few questions and had an amazing customer service experience. Whoa. Something’s up.

I made a trip to their headquarters. Huge building. Helpful staff. Efficient processes. Comfortable waiting room. And a fast installation. What’s the deal?

Then I noticed the book on the counter.


“The story of Peter Veldman’s remarkable life is the story of what is best about America. Peter was an immigrant who came to America barely speaking English and with few possessions, but through hard work, passion, and integrity he built a highly successful business. With his wife, Wilma, he raised a large, loving family to which he was devoted. He was a man of faith who was tremendously generous with his time and wealth. His warmth and kindness touched many lives. His story reminds us of the highest ideals of our nation, and how we should live.” -Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President, University of Notre Dame

Of course. It all makes sense. As John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

I used to think that was an overstatement. Now I see it everywhere, including Tire Rack.

In a sense, it doesn’t really matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through, or what your job title is.

Because leadership is influence. And you can start leveraging that right now in your home, your school, your workplace, or wherever you are.

Good leaders make everything around them better. They exude positivity. They refuse to settle for the status quo.

Bring your best to every arena. Be a difference maker.

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