Don’t Waste It

We live in the age of endless choice and unfettered access. Which is wonderful. And horrible.

“A precondition for reading good books is not reading bad ones: for life is short.” Schopenhauer

I’ve been simplifying things this year – unsubscribing from newsletters, scrutinizing magazine subscriptions, eliminating podcasts, streamlining my schedule.

We live in the age of endless choice and unfettered access. If you want it, it’s usually just a click away. Which is wonderful. And horrible. Who hasn’t complained about being too busy, only to subsequently spend hours watching Netflix or surfing the web?

Time isn’t our problem; it’s what we do with it. It’s us. It’s our irrational fear of missing out. It’s our unwillingness to cull. It’s our carefree yes’s and our flippant no’s.

We get one shot at this life and then it’s gone. “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12. We only have so much time, so much money, so much energy, so many opportunities. So why waste it?

For me, wasting it is not checking the reviews first. Wasting it is not asking how it aligns with my mission and values. Wasting it is not being selective. Wasting it is not living proactively.

Every yes is a no and every no is a yes. You can either let life decide for you or you can let you decide for it. If you don’t want to make the call, there’s a long line of people ready to make it for you.

I get it. It’s easier to let someone or something else decide. But it’s so costly.

Remember this: The good life does not consist of doing as much as possible but as little as necessary.

Figure out what’s essential and eliminate the rest. Be fully present with what matters the most.

Because when you look back on your life you won’t wish you had wasted more time.

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