• The CR Way – A great primer on the indisputable science and health benefits of caloric restriction. I’m working on systematizing eating less while ensuring I’m still getting optimal nutrition. Tracking with Fitbit has been helpful.
  • Wild Fermentation – The best place to begin learning about the lost art of fermentation. Fermented foods and drinks are powerhouses for your health, but they can feel a bit weird and intimidating at first. Reading this made it feel more accessible. See Making for more…
  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life – !!! Um, why did I wait so long to read this? Dr. Amen goes into the science of SPECT scans and reveals the direct links between negative behaviors and their corresponding brain deficiencies…then shows you how to fix it. Incredible.
  • Food Rules – If I had to recommend just one book on nutrition, this would be it. Short, smart, and immediately applicable, Pollan nails it. Great personal reminder to avoid processed foods (aka “edible food-like substances”) and opt for the real stuff instead.
  • Chasing the Scream – Still making my way through it, but wow. Dives deep into the fascinating and little known history of the drug war… it’s already changing the way I think about addiction and public policy. Not my typical read, but I’m glad I grabbed a copy.
  • The Brain That Changes Itself – Started out so boring, then got so not. Some of the research you’ll find here on neuroplasticity is a total game changer if you think about how it applies to your life. “Neurons that fire together, wire together. Neurons that fire apart, wire apart.”
  • Jack Kruse’s blog – Some say he’s crazy, some say he’s brilliant. Well, he’s anything but boring. The dude is thinking on another level and is a wellspring of ideas for my inner bio-hacker. Stay tuned.
  • Winning – I started this last year and am only halfway through due to the fact that I’m taking such meticulous notes on it. Hope to post them here at some point in the near future.


  • Rewatching The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s been a long time, but this go around feels more meaningful than the first. Themes like suffering, perseverance, and what makes for a good story feel especially relevant right now.
  • Nazi Mega Weapons – I’m a pacifist who’s a sucker for WW2 history and this show scratches the itch.


  • Asian Zen music like this – the perfect accompaniment to calm, focused knowledge work.
  • Jamie Foxx interview – this is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve heard in awhile. Wait until you hear how he got his stage name.
  • Note to Self – probably my favorite podcast. Such a great blend of human and tech.


  • ANT Journal – An idea I got from Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. It’s basically a place to write down the Automatic Negative Thoughts that pop into my head and replace them with truth. Powerful stuff.
  • General journal – I took a deliberate five year hiatus from journaling and it’s good to be back at it. My motto: if I feel like I can’t write that, I should probably write that. Such a good practice for my emotional health.


  • Yes, I made this a category. Essential oils are way underrated for their health and mood benefits. I have a mix for work and sleep and am not looking back.


  • Kefir – Almost done with my first batch. These lids have been hugely helpful. I got my grains here.
  • Cultured vegetables – They say your taste buds change over time and it’s true. I don’t mind tangy the way I used to, although I’m still planning on trying wine sauerkraut for a sweeter flavor. I got my culture starter here.
  • STUR soda packs – I’ve been looking for a healthy alternative to adding sugary juices to my SodaStream/Raw Apple Cider Vinegar drinks and this stuff fits the bill. Minus the expense, it’s basically perfect.
  • My own all natural mouthwash and toothpaste – It’s more work, but for me it’s worth it to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful additives like fluoride.


  • The newest additions to my stack: Berberine, Mood Support, Kava Kava, and Saw Palmetto. Hoping to add a few more like Resveratrol soon. I think that high quality supplements have their place in the grand scheme of things and I enjoy finding ones that really work.


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