It’s Not About the Run

I love to run, but for me it’s about something much bigger than that.

A photo by Liane Metzler.

It’s been a while since I wrote on running and since some of you are into that, I thought I might share an update. Here’s what I’m currently doing:

Before I run:

  1. I get my heart rate variability score to know how hard I can push it
  2. I put on my sauna vest
  3. I drink kombucha blended with beets, creatine, D-Ribose, chia seeds, and baking soda, followed by a spoonful of raw honey
  4. I do dynamic stretching
  5. I put on compression sleeves
  6. I slip on my Altra One 2.5’s, equipped with Lock Laces
  7. I attach my LED light
  8. I start my Fitbit timer to track my run

While I run:

  1. I run wherever I want but I try to stick to the following schedule:
    1. Monday – rest
    2. Tuesday – tempo run
    3. Wednesday – fartlek
    4. Thursday – tempo run
    5. Friday – HIIT
    6. Saturday – distance run
    7. Sunday – negative split
  2. I quickly review my five-fold running mantra: “Take my meds, clear my head, run for fun, better than before, don’t get hurt.”
  3. I run using the Pose method
  4. I practice rhythmic breathing
  5. I breathe almost exclusively through my nose
  6. I run hard and work up a sweat

After I run:

  1. I walk the last half mile home
  2. I drink a celery and spinach/kale blend mixed with with lemons, limes, oranges, carrots, Miracle Reds, Himalayan salt, stevia, and chia seeds
  3. I work on any sore spots
  4. I do static stretching and use a massager on my legs and feet
  5. I take a contrast shower

Right now this routine is really working for me. I am running faster with fewer injuries and more focus.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked very different a few years from now. There will be new books, new podcasts, new paradigms. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take up racing or back off completely and opt for hiking.

The point is not the form it takes. For me, it’s about the process of evolving. It’s about getting smarter, getting stronger, growing more resilient, becoming more grounded. It’s about being open to change, to improvement, to newness.

What does your exercise routine look like?  Are you seeking the next level? Are you celebrating the journey? What are you learning along the way?



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