How Your Health is Like a Computer

Health is holistic. Like a computer, you need all the components to be operational for the whole thing to work well.


Computers need five things to run at their best: great hardware, quality software, a good environment, a fast network connection, and a strong operating system.

Your health functions in much the same way. You need all of the components to be operational for the whole thing to work well. This includes your body, thoughts, environment, relationships, and spirituality.

By way of analogy, let’s look more closely at how your health is like a computer.

Your Hardware


Your hardware is your body. It’s how you eat, fast, sleep, breathe, and move. It’s your foundation. A bad foundation is a setup for future problems. You can’t skip this one without it coming back to bite you. It doesn’t matter how cool your computer looks on the outside if it’s under-powered and overheating on the inside.

What hardware upgrades do you need to make?

Your Software


Your software is your mind and spirit. It’s the programs you run with the hardware you’ve got. It’s your goals, dreams, thoughts, ambitions, disciplines, habits, emotions, etc.

Your software is limited by your hardware. You can’t run the lastest and greatest on the oldest and weakest. Which is why so many well-intentioned install efforts end up failing.

However, if you do have enough horsepower, you can run any program you’d like. Getting new software is exciting and can take your productivity to a whole new level. It may look like furthering your education, going to see a counselor, beginning a new business, or picking up a new hobby.

What software upgrades do you need to make?

Your Environment


A fast computer running great programs in a bad environment will eventually fail. Dirt, bugs, water, and heat can ruin the best of machines.

You wouldn’t leave your laptop out in the rain, but many of us expose our bodies to all sorts of negative environmental factors all the time. I’m talking poor air and water quality, toxic mold, harmful lighting, not enough sunlight, and excessive EMF exposure.

What environmental upgrades do you need to make?

Your Network


A fast computer running great programs in an ideal environment is still severely limited by a slow and intermittent internet connection.

This connection, or network, is the relationships in your life. It’s your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. It’s been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Your relationships have a direct impact on your happiness, intelligence, habits, finances, and overall success.

What network upgrades do you need to make?

Your Maker


Your maker is the one who designs, refines, and protects your operating system. For most of us, this is Apple, Microsoft, or Google. These companies govern what we can access, provide security updates, and try to improve our user experience. You can do a lot with your computer, but ultimately you are dependent on your maker to keep the operating system up and running.

Your maker is your god and you want to get this one right. You are not an animal. You have a soul and were made for eternity. You have a purpose and a limited amount of time to accomplish it. Who are you? Why are you here? What’s the meaning of life? These questions matter because the maker you choose will influence everything you do.

What maker upgrades do you need to make?

As you can see, health is all-encompassing. If you want to thrive, you’ve got to nurture to all five.

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