Rainy Day Kate

On making time for what matters most.


Last year a family friend gifted us with a book called Rainy Day Kate. We’d never heard of it, but it was so nice of her to think of us and our daughter.

It quickly became my favorite children’s book ever. I love the writing, the illustrations, the emphasis on creativity, the way our daughter believes she is the main character and the boy is her brother Leo.


Kate likes it too. She’s got most of it memorized and I suspect she is growing tired of me suggesting it. Thankfully, the library is full of other options. The thing about her is that she’s so naturally busy and task-oriented that reading is a just a really great way for us to get some quality time together.


We have very similar personalities. To illustrate, some of my goals this year include slowing down, laughing more, and becoming more realistic about how much I can achieve on a given day. No one has to push me to produce. I need to work on rest, being kind to myself, sustainable pace.

One of my core practices is the daily review. I make time to look back on my wins and losses, do an emotional check-in, and set priorities for the upcoming day.

It’s amazing how often God highlights meaningful interactions with my wife and kids as my biggest wins – above anything I achieve personally or professionally. It only goes to show that love is the most important thing and that ultimately, to win at work but lose at home is to fail at both.

When I’m gone my kids won’t care about how many house projects I completed or what career advancements I made. They’ll remember how accessible I was, how present I was, how I made them feel, how I spent my time. They’ll think about my character and the way I followed God.

We all get our identity from something. Often, it’s the wrong thing.

Are you making time for what matters most?


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