Making a Better Workspace

How to upgrade your standing, sitting, posture, eyesight, and environment. You’re welcome.

Your office should be a place that energizes you and helps you succeed. Here’s how to make it better:



  • Use a treadmill desk or a standing desk. Some good options for the latter include the Varidesk, Ikea’s Skarsta, a simple bookshelf, or even this.
  • Try to move while standing. Some good options include the Fluidstance, a basic balance board, a Topo Mat, an Airex balance pad, or a fidget bar.
  • Opt for standing or walking meetings when possible.



  • Lotus is best (if you can swing it), followed by sitting cross-legged.
  • Alternatively, you can mix it up with one of these.



  • Stand or sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and your head up.
  • Your monitor should be eye level and your keyboard should be elbow level. I use a monitor stand and basic bluetooth keyboard to achieve this.


Young working woman looking out window

  • Give your eyes a break every 20-25 minutes by looking out a window or focusing on something non-digital.
  • Run f.lux or something similar 24/7 to avoid overdosing on blue light.
  • Avoid fluorescent lighting and opt for natural and/or full spectrum led.



  • Strive for a clean, uncluttered, welcoming work environment.
  • Fill your space with meaningful, inspirational quotes and images.
  • Use noise-cancelling headphones or something similar to help you focus. Some people like services such as
  • Run a diffuser with essential oils like this if you work from home or your coworkers don’t mind.
  • Buy some plants to clean the air and creating a more natural vibe.
  • Open the windows for fresh air when possible.



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