My Ketogenic Journey



Me: aka Mr. Research in Action.


A ketogenic diet is one where you burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. You do this by eating high fat, moderate protein, and low carb. This produces ketones in your body which are a superior fuel source and lead to a ton of health benefits.


I began pursuing a ketogenic diet about a year ago.


I tend to eat one meal a day, usually at home. I have enough knowledge about which foods to eat and and which to avoid that I can usually stay on track when I’m eating out.


I wanted to think more clearly, have more energy, feel happier, and be healthier all around. All my research on the optimal diet has led me here. Note: I use the word “diet” in terms of a lifestyle switch – not the popular definition which is usually referring to a temporary, unbalanced, unsustainable, and ineffective attempt to lose weight.


I read Keto Clarity, The Ketogenic Bible, The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, The Complete Guide to Fasting, and Fat For Fuel. I skimmed a bunch of blogs (here’s a great one) and listened to a lot of podcasts from various experts and practitioners like Dominic D`Agostino. Since then Mark Sisson has come out with The Keto Reset Diet which is probably the best place to start. I use a Keto-Mojo meter to test my blood sugar and ketone levels so I can confirm when I’m in ketosis and how different foods affect me. I pursue a ketogenic diet in tandem with my amazing wife Kim, which makes life WAY easier for both of us.


Weaning myself off of my sugar addiction, overcoming emotional eating, embracing intermittent fasting, sticking to a new schedule, and getting over my fear of needles.


Learning how to fat fast, staying motivated through the ups and downs, learning how to get back on the wagon, discovering how to strategically incorporate exogenous ketones, shifting my focus from what I’m giving up to what I’m gaining, teaming up with Kim.


I’m feeling better and thinking sharper than I have in a long time. All the work has been worth it. Although I still have my moments of weakness, I can’t imagine ever going back to a standard American diet. Pursuing a ketogenic diet has fundamentally changed how I think about food and my relationship with eating. It’s empowered me to be on top of my health instead of always feeling beneath it. It’s provided the structure and clarity I need to thrive. It’s forced me to face my inner demons and take an honest look at all the ways I’ve abused food and myself in the process. No doubt how I eat and fast will continue to evolve, but I’m so grateful that I have this foundation in place and God has given me the grace and strength to establish it.

Up Next

I’d like to practice extended fasting (fasting and ketosis go hand in hand) and continue growing in my ability to differentiate between real and false hunger signals.

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