How to Walk Well

There’s more to it than putting one foot in front of the other.



Walk alone, walk with God, walk with friends, walk with family, walk with neighbors, walk with colleagues, walk with pets.



Walk barefoot when it works. When not, walk with zero-drop, foot-shaped, minimalist shoes. Walk slightly cold or slightly hot. Walk with purpose: to read, listen, memorize, notice, meditate, reflect, connect. Walk with a pedometer for increased motivation, accountability, and reward.



Walk when it’s sunny. Walk when it’s rainy. Walk when the weather dares you. Walk at the same times each day, preferably before or after meals. Walk for work. Walk for school. Walk for errands. Walk when you’re stressed or stuck or need a break.



Walk in nature; the more beautiful the better. Walk around your neighborhood or explore somewhere new. Walk indoors if you can’t get out. Find some stairs. Just walk.



Walk because it’s the original and best overall form of transportation. Walk because it helps you become more present with yourself, others, and the world around you. Walk because it’s great for your health and the environment.



Walk with your feet facing forward. Walk with upright posture. Walk with your shoulders relaxed and your head held high. Walk with your mouth closed unless you have something to say.

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