It’s easy to get down on Gideon. He argues with an angel. He asks for a sign. He’s afraid of his family. He needs proof.

But at the end of the day, Gideon gets the job done. God doesn’t rebuke him for his questions, his fear, or his quest for assurance. Instead, he graciously meets him where he’s at. And then Gideon obeys.

  • He builds altars to the Lord.
  • He destroys the altar of Baal.
  • He defeats the Midianites.
  • He refuses to take God’s place as King.

It’s okay that we sometimes question God, doubt ourselves, feel afraid, and need reassurance. That’s normal. Those things don’t make us failures. It’s when we allow our negative emotions to consume us that we get stuck.

Gideon had his doubts, but he worked through them to get to a point of action. And ultimately, hero’s aren’t defined by what they feel; they’re defined by what they do.