Things I’ve Seen

Some of the shows I’ve seen and insights they prompted:

unit-731-germsUnit 731

I watched this History Channel documentary around the same time I was studying worldviews. It gave the facts, but completely missed the foundation; namely, why these terrible atrocities were committed in the first place.

Having a proper worldview matters because it shapes how we see and relate with reality. It’s the backdrop to everything. When you read/watch the news this week, notice how often the information is presented without any explanation of the underlying belief systems that led to the events.

CBS_LIMITLESS_105_CLEAN_IMAGE_thumb_MasterLimitless (CBS)

Not as good as the movie, but still enjoyable. Got me thinking about if I would take a smart drug like NZT if A) such a thing existed, and B) it could be consumed without harmful side effects.

I was a little surprised by my conclusion. In all likelihood, I’d decline. Why? Because it wouldn’t be good for me. It would increase my capacity without improving my character. The fact that I have to work for a better brain makes me a better person, not just a smarter person.

maxresdefaultThe Barkley Marathons

“40 hours into the race, 88% of the runners have quit. 5 remain.”

Fascinating look at a secret and grueling race. Had me reflecting on how success looks different for different people. Sometimes just showing up for a challenge and giving it your all is a win.

p-51-gunfighterLegends of Air Power

I’ve always been into airplanes and WW2, so this series was a natural fit. Looking at the lives and careers of all these aviators, I came away with this: Be the obvious choice. Plan for and act towards success.

What are you watching and learning lately?