Band of Brothers: The Breaking Point


“Dyke wasn’t a bad leader because he made bad decisions. Dyke was a bad leader because he made no decisions.”


Watching Lt. Dyke in episode 7 is painful. Easy Company’s new CO is aloof, inaccessible, cowardly, and incompetent on the field of battle. He nearly gets them all killed and is eventually replaced by someone more qualified.

The word for this one is ABSENT.

There’s no way around it; great leaders show up and poor ones don’t.

Bad leaders are:

  • Absent in relationships. They relate to you out of duty more than desire.
  • Absent in decision making. They are always passing the buck to someone else.
  • Absent in character. They are not someone you trust to do the right thing.
  • Absent in competence. They consistently screw things up.

All of this creates an absence of morale among the team. And why wouldn’t it? It’s hard to be excited about the future when you’re being led by a Dyke.

If you’re in a position of leadership, commit to being fully present with your people. Don’t use your job as a stepping stone to something else. Be willing to make the hard calls and get it wrong sometimes. Let God refine your character along the way. Hone your craft and learn to lead with excellence.  Show up. Your people are counting on it.