What Your Entertainment Says About you

How you entertain yourself may be a reflection of your dreams, struggles, fears, and desires. 

Lately I’ve been watching old shows and playing old games – specifically, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

We live in a golden age of entertainment – we have more high quality choices than ever before. When in doubt, Metacritic tells us the score, or Netflix just suggests the next thing.

So why am I so drawn to these relics from the past (beyond mere nostalgia and the fact that I enjoy them)?

I wonder if our media decisions are actually subconscious reflections of our own inner dreams, struggles, fears, and desires. 


For example, I’ve realized that my affinity for Star Trek has to do with my quest to lead a more organized, efficient, connected, and exploratory life. And my engagement with Tomb Raider is a way for me to practice problem solving and perseverance; two areas I want to keep growing in.


Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that you like that show, movie, book, game, or music. Maybe it’s actually tapping into something significant. Maybe your downtime can teach you something important about yourself.

Some questions you might consider this week:

  1. What is it about this particular show/game/book, etc that I find so appealing?
  2. How does what’s happening on the screen compare and contrast with what’s happening inside me?
  3. What would it look like to act on my findings? Could I use my entertainment choices as a catalyst for a better life; a springboard for more engagement with reality rather than just a mindless escape?