10 Questions You Might Ask Yourself About School

Well, technically more than 10, but you get the idea. Read at your own risk.

1) What was my experience of school like? Where was I scarred? What do I remember, and what do I forget? Do I want to pass those same kinds of experiences on to my own children?

2) If our educational system is as broken as everyone says it is, why am I so quick to send my kids into it?

3) What if there were exciting, affordable, flexible, and effective educational alternatives I wasn’t aware of? Would that change things? If so, how?

4) What is the purpose of an education? Where did I get my answer?

5) What kind of people do I want my children to become? Is it just about grades, a degree, and a good job?

6) What kind of people does God want my children to become? How does he measure developmental progress and success?

7) How much of a role do I want to play in my children’s lives? Why?

8) How much of a role does God want me to play in my children’s lives? Why?

9) Is there any part of me that is closed off to exploring new educational paradigms? What prejudices and stereotypes do I hold about other models?

10) If I could create a school from scratch, what would it look like? What if that were actually possible?