Making Mistakes


What I’m about to say might sound really counter-intuitive and even wrong, but it’s true:

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not moving forward.

  1. Some people believe they should be perfect, so when they make a mistake it’s either crushing or it’s creatively dismissed as someone else’s fault.
  2. Some people believe they should appear perfect, so they avoid risks and stay in their comfort zones. Their motto is, “Don’t rock the boat.”
  3. Some people aren’t very concerned about their performance in general. When they make mistakes, it’s usually in the wrong direction. Instead of falling forward, they fall backward.
  4. And some people know that mistakes and growth go hand in hand. They get that there’s a learning curve and a trial-and-error process involved in improvement. They don’t celebrate, ignore, or wallow in their mistakes. Instead, they learn from them, try not to repeat them, and keep moving forward.

Most people carry elements of each of these, depending on the day, mood, activity, environment, etc. I’d just like to spend most of my time hanging out in the fourth category. How about you?