What I’m Into Lately


The Bulletproof Diet – This book felt like the culmination of a lot of research I’ve done on eating over the last couple years. Besides just covering my basic nutritional needs, I’m really interested in having high mental performance and sustained energy to get stuff done. Asprey looks at food from a performance perspective, so it felt like a natural fit.

Fitbit Charge HR – We had some friends over the other weekend wearing fitness trackers and that tipped us over the edge. Kim got a Fitbit Flex. I got the Charge HR. A week in and I’ve got to say – I love it. I had been hesitant to purchase one…I wasn’t sure how necessary they were or if I would even use one. But then I saw all it does…

  • Tracks daily steps and stairs and lets you set goals for each.
  • Shows daily distance traveled.
  • Shows calories burned.
  • Tracks your sleep and shows you stats on your time asleep vs. time awake.
  • Tracks your heart rate and gives you an idea of which zone you are in when exercising.
  • Has a great desktop and mobile app.
  • Social features for encouraging and competing with friends.

The fact that it does all this automatically, all the time, makes it super easy to transition into. And there is an instant motivational factor (at least there is for me) when you can compare your real-time data with your daily goals.

So here’s the thing: is it worth the money? Well, if it’s going to help you move more and sleep better then I say YES. And I think that for most people, it does that.

Instagram – In lieu of having a “real” camera, I’ve been using my phone and the Instagram app to take and edit photos. It’s free, easy, and social. I use it as a visual journal of sorts for documenting our family. But I also find it’s a useful aid to notice and capture the beauty all around me – in nature, architecture, food, etc. Taking and editing photos helps me slow down and appreciate life.

The Pose Method of running – Finally! I have read about and tried so many different kinds of running, and this one, by far, makes the most sense to me. I first heard about it through the book Ready to Run (also highly recommended) and am so glad I checked it out. The Pose Method is about maximum results with minimum injury. I want to run for life and I think this may be my ticket. If you’re interested, you can learn all about it in The Running Revolution.

Blinkist – Blinkist provides free daily book summaries as well as a subscription service to access their entire catalog. They also have a free Page 19 weekly newsletter highlighting various books. I love to read but often feel like time is the limiting factor. So this has been a useful discovery for me. Their summaries are not very in depth, but they provide a helpful overview.

Pocket Casts – I love podcasts and this app is the best I’ve found. It makes everything easy and has deep features like auto subscribe, skipping intros, increasing the playback speed, downloading episodes for offline use, etc.

If you enjoy learning, podcasts are one of the best things going right now. They’re free, you can listen in the car or while exercising, and it’s all on your terms. Just pick a topic and go.

The Hype Machine App – I also love music, but the discovery process can feel tedious sometimes. Hype Machine solves that. It’s 3.99 in the app store and you get tons of the newest, hottest tracks streamed right to your phone. No searching. Just click play or skip. It’s a bit like Pandora but without commerials and a more unpredictable playlist, which I like. You can also narrow it down by genre. Worth checking out.

The Jesus Storybook Bible – This one came highly recommended and I’m glad we picked it up. I read it to  in the morning and we both enjoy it. Straight-forward, beautiful illustrations, and Christocentric. What’s not to like?

Kids games for Leo – Playing educational games with Leo has been a fun way for us to connect. We’re using the Intellijoy stuff right now. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the energy to engage in something creative with him. Apps fill that void nicely. I know that he’s learning and we’re spending time together, which is important. He really enjoys it too.

Wunderlist – I searched around for awhile trying to find the best task management software for my needs. I landed on Wunderlist. All the good stuff is free and it just works. Now it’s just a matter of staying on top of things…

Let me know if you have tried or will try any of these things. I’d love to hear about your experience!